Foodie Friday: Tis the Season for Smoothies

pineapple smoothie vegan

As the weather gets warmer we are craving cold drinks rather than coffee and tea. Our local cupcake shop is expanding their offerings to include healthier choices. Crazy About Cupcakes in the Pointe Claire village now offers vegan treats and smoothies. Of course we had to test them out (and support local business). Mimi got the dairy version and I […]

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DIY Tuesday: Make your own Trendy Tassel Earrings and Necklaces


Tassel jewelry is all the rage these days. From Hollywood celebrities to Boho yoga enthusiasts you can see tassel earrings and pendants everywhere. Each year I make tassels for the graduation caps at our local daycare. I used to make tassel necklaces out of wool with the kids when I worked at the daycare. I thought it was about time […]

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Gabby Bernstein Live in Montreal: Inspiration and the Importance of Being Authentic

Gabby Bernstein in Montreal

I have admired Gabrielle Bernstein for many years and was delighted that she finally came to speak in Montreal. Her books Spirit Junkie and May Cause Miracles and Miracles Now have been a great source of inspiration and motivation in my life and business. I completed her on-line Spirit Junkie Masterclass and will be going to New York City next […]

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Foodie Friday: Homemade Vegan Sugar-free Ice Cream

Vegan ice cream

What can you do with over-ripe bananas? I usually make cookies or cut them up and freeze them for smoothies. When I was in Costa Rica I had vegan ice cream made with frozen blended bananas. I made home-made ice cream the other day. I had made hemp milk with hemp hearts so already had the pulp and milk on […]

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DIY Tuesday: Create Fridge Magnets and Home Decor with Inspirational Quotes and Memes

Miracles are a shift in perception

Affirmations are words or phrases that evoke a positive state of mind. They are similar to Mantras that are used in meditation. The word mantra is from the Sanskrit, “man”, to think, and “tra”, tools or instruments. Affirmations are tools for the imagination! Louise Hay revolutionized the use of daily affirmations to transform lives. Check out examples of her affirmations […]

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Foodie Friday: Field Trip to the Grilled Cheese Festival in Montreal

Last week was Grilled Cheese Festival in Montreal. I usually go easy on carbs and dairy, but I couldn’t pass up this opportunity for a bit of comfort food. I Googled “best grilled cheese in Montreal”. Between that and the website, I had quite the choice. We decided on the Lapin Pressé, mainly because I loved the name (rabbits […]

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DIY Tuesday: 7 Days of Spring DIY Challenge

day 1 spring diy challenge

Last year I launched my 7 Days of Spring DIY Challenge. I decided to run it again, just in time for Mother’s Day. Here is a link to the playlist on YouTube: CLICK HERE: 7 DAYS OF SPRING DIY CHALLENGE There are some fun ideas for gifts for mom. Perfect for daycare educators, pre-school, home-school, elementary school, parents and babysitters. […]

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Foodie Friday: What’s in my Pantry?

Seeds, nuts, gluten free and dairy free options in my pantry.

My pantry looks radically different than it did one year ago. I have drastically changed my eating habits, including eliminating processed sugar and alcohol. My lunch usually consists of glorified salads. I’ve learned how to make my own seed cheese and sprout on a regular basis (and it keeps me regular, LOL)! I keep a variety of raw seeds, nuts […]

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