Foodie Friday: What’s in my Pantry?

Seeds, nuts, gluten free and dairy free options in my pantry.

My pantry looks radically different than it did one year ago. I have drastically changed my eating habits, including eliminating processed sugar and alcohol. My lunch usually consists of glorified salads. I’ve learned how to make my own seed cheese and sprout on a regular basis (and it keeps me regular, LOL)! I keep a variety of raw seeds, nuts […]

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DIY Tuesday: Create your own colouring page

DIY Make your own coloring page.

Adult colouring books are all the rage. Just search the internet and you will discover all the amazing benefits of colouring. Here are my top 10: TOP TEN REASONS THAT ADULT COLOURING BOOKS ARE AWESOME Colouring… 1. Is great tool for meditation. 2. Reduces stress and anxiety. 3. Increases relaxation and calm. 4. Is portable, no fuss, no muss! 5. […]

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DIY Tuesday: No-Sew Baby Ballerina Tutu

DIY Baby Ballerina Tutu

In honour of my niece’s first birthday here is my DIY video to make a no-sew baby tutu. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JANE! Material Needed: netting fabric, 1/4 inch elastic, scissors MAKE YOUR OWN NO-SEW TUTU FOR BABIES, TODDLERS, KIDS OR ADULTS Start by StARTing Tip: Grab some netting fabric and elastic at your local fabric store an make this fun project […]

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DIY Tuesday: Make Your Own Paper Dolls and Cut-out Toys


I was cleaning up my basement yesterday and came across a box FULL of paper dolls and cut-outs that I made for my daughter when she was little. We would spend HOURS pulling pictures out of magazines and glueing them on cardboard. I have hundreds of cut-outs from family photos, American Girl catalogues, photocopies (ie. before we had a computer) […]

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DIY Tuesday: Easy Photo Comics

Taking a selfie on our way to LA

I have been writing comics for years and have tons of notes and sketches for comics that I intended to write. When I hopped on the Instagram bandwagon my daughter taught me how to use the app PicCollage to create 4 panel photo collages. You can add text, emojis and backgrounds and get very creative! Recently I decided to start […]

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Foodie Friday: Single Serve Creamy Vegan Soup


I usually eat a hearty salad for lunch. I throw in grated carrots, beets, red or purple cabbage, celery, zucchini, fennel…anything that can be grated in the food processor. Speed is key and clean up is a cinch by rinsing the food processor with water. I often top the salad with avocado, tomatoes, clementines, leftover cooked sweet potatoes, mung/lentil/alfalfa sprouts, […]

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DIY Tuesday: Mini St. Patrick’s Day Hat

DIY St. Patrick's Day Hat

Spring has sprung and St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner! I no longer drink beer, let alone GREEN beer, but do appreciate the festive nature of the day! I am happy to share this cute design for a mini party hat. You can actually make a mini hat for ANY occasion! I have made similar ones with flowers and […]

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