Shopping (and selling) From The Heart

Shopping (and selling) From The Heart

I had the pleasure of selling my work at Shopping From The Heart this week. SFTH is an annual fundraiser held at the Holiday Inn Pointe Claire. Local entrepreneurs gathered to promote their products and services and proceeds from raffles and entrance fee went towards the Lakeshore General Hospital.

This year there was an added bonus for the vendors. Julie aka Ask Mama Moe organized a panel of experts to inspire the vendors in their business. Julia and Tanya aka spoke about social media, Tina Wentzell talked about photography and Sarena Miller of Business Betterment gave us some great selling tips.

Sarena’s tips were excellent and super timely for the event. She gave us her top 3 tips for having a successful show. There was so much value in her short talk that I’ve broken them down into 10 tips:

  1. Be YOU. Be your true authentic self.
  2. You are your brand. Make sure you are always a reflection of your brand.
  3. Look alive, smile, be warm. Don’t be cold or disconnected.
  4. Welcome people into your story.
  5. Engage rather than pounce. Ask questions.
  6. Have fun. Pretend like you are hosting a party.
  7. Keep your energy up for the entire event. It helps keep up the vibe of the event. Often sales are made at the end.
  8. Up-sell. Sell more to existing clients. They already love you and your work. Offer complimentary or similar items. Emphasize the benefits of the products to the client. Offer buy 2 get 1 free (if it works for you).
  9. Encourage people to try, taste, smell products. People are more likely to buy when they can envision themselves with the product.
  10. Plant seeds for future sales. You never know when they will “grow”. Someone may call you months or years later or refer you to others.

For more amazing business tips and networking opportunities check out Sarena Miller’s We2 Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange .


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