Empathy through Visual Storytelling

Empathy through Visual Storytelling

The reason I went to the B-Connected Conference in Ottawa was to see my friend and speaker JC Little.

I had been to her Visual Storytelling workshop last year and was enthralled by her use of simple animation to weave intricate stories and relate complex emotions.

The theme of her talk was EMPATHY. Merriam Webster states that “Empathy is the feeling that you understand and share another person’s experiences and emotions; the ability to share someone else’s feelings”.

JC talked about how one picture can tell a whole story that can evoke intense emotions from the viewer. She talked about the importance of making CONNECTIONS with people so that they can identify with your stories.

JC had a great suggestion for WRITER’S BLOCK. She said to “live your life”. Explore your feelings (fear, embarrassment, grief, joy, etc). Don’t forget to FEEL because that’s what makes us human.

Some of JC’s blog posts with multiple images have evolved into books, including The Last Snowman and her most recent Motherhood.

Here is my review of her book on Amazon:

“Motherhood, as JC Little says in her dedication, is “For those who were born”. Typical of JC’s signature style, she explores storytelling through pictures. Motherhood breaks down all barriers of language and culture to the universal themes of love and letting go.
JC’s book reminds me of a giant flip book. These books were originally used as a primitive form of animation. They are a series of images in different positions that create an illusion of movement when the pages are flipped through quickly. We can read Motherhood at any pace we desire. We can flip through quickly and feel the fragility of life passing by. We can go through each page slowly and savor each stage and even create our own dialogue or story. Motherhood can be reread often as a key to revisiting our own memories and experiences.
Motherhood is a beautiful book that is not only a collection of images, but a piece of the author’s soul. “

Heather Boyd, April, 2014.

Start by StARTing TIP: Follow JC’s advice and go out and LIVE YOUR LIFE! Don’t stress about writing…that will follow!

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  • TheAnimatedWoman
    Posted at 15:07h, 29 April Reply

    It was great to see you at BConnected Heather! So many conferences offer sessions on how to market our blogs and the need for authenticity and that’s great. I find that there’s still a need to teach people the mechanics of how to reach out and touch people with our stories. I’m glad you enjoyed it and thank-you for the kind words on my new book!

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