Your Intuition Your Business

Your Intuition Your Business

This morning my We2 networking group (Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange) was enraptured by the presentation by Doreen Mary Bray. Doreen is an internationally sought-after energetic healer and teacher with over 30 years experience in natural and energetic healing.

Her talk was titled “Develop Your Intuition and Skyrocket Your Business”.  She talked about how we all have the ability to tap into our intuition to help guide is with our life and business decisions. She stressed the importance of having a healthy body “When the cells are too heavy, they cannot bring in the light”. (Check her healthy recipes on her website)

We did an exercise to get into our “power position” to become an observer and to be open to receive guidance. She advised to step out of fear and into love and light. When we say “show me the way” we activate our intuition.  She said to ask specific questions when we ask for help and to trust out inner voice.

intuition inner voice

Start by StARTing Tip:  Sit quietly and ask the universe a question. Imagine opening a door on the top of your head.  Let the light and wisdom of the universe enter into your mind with all the  possible answers to your question. If you desire, keep a journal and write down everything that comes to mind. Do not censure or leave out any details….they may make sense later on!





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