Broadcast your Book

Broadcast your Book

Many of us dream of writing a book. So many ideas swirling in our heads, but the task of writing it all down is very daunting.

When my nephews and niece were little, I was a very active aunt and I loved making crafts and doing creative projects with them. They were a huge motivation for me. I wrote my first book for the boys “Cosmo’s Big Adventure” and the second book for my niece “Bag Lady boots”. Writing came so naturally because I was writing for them with love.

I still haven’t published either book. One day I may, but in the meantime the e-universe has given me ways to share my ideas with the world. I decided to make YouTube videos where I recite the books:

Cosmo’s Big Adventure:

Bag Lady Boots:

There are so many ways we can share our ideas with the world. YouTube is a fun way to start!

Start by StARTing tip: If you are a writer, make a short video of you reciting one of your poems, stories or excerpts from your book. Share your unique voice with the on-line community. Be sure to share the link in the comments section below.

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