Blogging to Boost your Business

Blogging to Boost your Business

Last week I attended a We2 luncheon presentation by Julia Chiarella-Genoni. Julia is a social media influencer through her blog Ask Mama MOE:

I have two blogs. Start by StARTing is for sharing motivational and inspirational ideas. I also have a blog on my website for sharing my wire creations:!/my-blog


Inspired by Julia’s presentation, I am making changes to my website blog. My goal is to increase views and interaction with my YouTube DIY videos and thanks to Ask Mama MOE I believe I have discovered how!

1. Have patience and take your time.
2. Be friendly.
3. Have and express admiration for others.
4. Participate in communities.
5. Create a personality.
6. Transform your website from being static to active by adding a blog.
7. Create a questionnaire to discover your community (ie. coffee or tea).
8. Post Wednesday mornings.
9. Create blog posts with lists; ie. Top 5 tips, etc.
10. Create blog posts with “How-to” or “DIY” content.
11. Add images to blog posts.
12. Simplify and reduce text.
13. Start a conversation and respond to comments on your blog.
14. Suggest solutions to potential problems.
15. Don’t be afraid of the competition.
16. Don’t always be selling.
17. Share blog posts on other social media platforms, especially Pinterest.
18. Create Twitter lists. The more people you follow, the more that will follow you back.
19. Use an editorial calendar.
20. DON’T preschedule posts in case they may be posted at inappropriate times.

Start by StARTING Tip:
“Adding blogging and social media to a website gives your business a beating heart!”
‘Tweet’ created by @AskMamaMOE

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  • Journeys of The Zoo
    Posted at 03:12h, 05 December Reply

    Great tips. Love Julia as an influencer and as the genuine and caring person that she is.

    Just to add to #13 as it relates to comments, make sure that it’s easy and intuitive for people to comment and, remove captcha and other methods for keeping spammers out. More often than not, it keeps the real commenters from commenting.

    FYI, it might just be me but I initially thought that you didn’t have commenting turned on (that’s a tip in itself) as hitting a “+” sign isn’t what I’m used to. Usually, I scroll down and see a box (like this one) at the bottom.

    Welcome to the Wonderful and Wacky World of Blogging.

    Besos Sarah
    Journeys of The Zoo

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