Yoga to the Rescue

Yoga to the Rescue

I have been having problems with a stiff upper arm for the past few months. I thought it was due to lifting a heavy suitcase on my trip to Italy. I was also concerned because a dear friend of mine had suffered months of back pain and had been to the doctor several times before finally insisting on a CT scan. I found out while in Italy that she had stage 4 lung cancer that had spread to her bones causing fractures in her back.

Needless to say I was paranoid after her diagnosis and went to the doctor for peace of mind. Turns out my pain is muscular, probably caused by the my poor posture when using my new laptop (purchased for my trip). My neck is often in a crook position when looking at my laptop and iPod.

I went for physiotherapy a couple days ago and was given a few daily exercises that will help. She also suggested taking frequent breaks when making jewellery and on the computer so as to relieve the constant stress on my neck and shoulders.

I was speaking to a friend about my aches and pains (including lower back pains) and she suggested yoga. I have done yoga in the past, but find a one hour practice takes too much of my time and patience. She recommended a popular YouTube yoga guru “Yoga with Adriene”. She has a 30-day challenge with lessons that are 30 minutes each. I did my first one tonight, and LOVE it!

I used to go to the Gym, but I found that I resented the time it took me to get there, the environmental impact on driving my car there and the money it cost. I love the idea having an exercise routine that I can do at home.

Start by StARTing tip: Check out Yoga with Adriene’s fun yoga tutorials. If Yoga isn’t your thing search YouTube for an exercise routine that fits your style.

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