The Power of Networking

The Power of Networking

“Networking is a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups having a common interest.” (

I have been a proud member of the Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange (We2) networking group for many years.

“The WE² system is more than just a business card grab, it’s a community of like-minded women – entrepreneurial, professional, creative, intelligent, supportive & compassionate – who gather to share our experience & strengths.” (from the website)

I have learned most of what I know about social media and marketing thanks to the presentations I have attended at We2 networking events and at workshops by fellow members. My profile photo is thanks to a fellow member Wanda Malfara.

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Getting up at 7am to attend meetings is not always easy, but I always leave with a sense of accomplishment and inspiration. We2 also holds valuable lunch-time talks and specialty workshops. Most events are open to non-members. Meetings are a great way to get known and to get to know fellow entrepreneurs and inspiration seekers!

Recently I joined the We2 program Focus5™. “This group is a mix of a mastermind program and a business-building road map, taking us from dream to implementation and action – designed to give us the accountability we need, with a fresh and honest look at our businesses.” (from the website) I have often heard of the benefits of joining a mastermind group and I am quickly discovering the power of the group!

A few tips about networking that I learned from the incredible Sarena Miller, founder of the Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange and creator of Focus5™:

1. Show up.
2. Make eye contact.
3. Smile and have fun.
4. Give first.
5. Support fellow members for gifts and services.
6. Listen.
7. Connect and be a connector.
8. Be positive.
9. Have 2-way conversations.
10. Follow up.
11. Be polite; ask permission to put people on mailing lists.
12. Come prepared. Be aware of how you can HELP people & add VALUE.

…and a few Don’ts
1. Do not pre-judge
2. Do not complain.
3. Do not assume.
4. Do not pounce.
5. Do not hog the conversation.
6. Do not send unsolicited emails after a meeting.
7. Do not be in Sales mode.

Start by StARTing Tip: Find a networking group in your area that fits your style. Go as a guest to a few different ones to see which one feels right.

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  • Sarena
    Posted at 19:56h, 25 February Reply

    Oh wow! I am so touched and honoured, thank you SO much for such a beautiful tribute to the power of networking, forming bonds… and to We2. We2 is lucky to have you as an integral part of our community. You are an inspiration to all, Heather. You naturally take all of the knowledge and APPLY it, with integrity, goodwill and purpose, then share what you know. It has been such a pleasure to be alongside and watch your business flourish, and I look forward to seeing all of the future gifts in store for you.

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