My Sacred Space

My Sacred Space

In my quest for pure happiness I am taking a weekly introduction to meditation class. We explore different themes each week. The other week the teacher Catharine Allan ( spoke about the importance of having a sacred space.
I had been doing yoga in my living room, and didn’t think I have any available space (other than the cold basement) to devote to my spiritual practice.
I realized that I did have one room that was my which is my art studio. I had already culled much of my surplus supplies and clothing (I also keep my clothes in my studio). I decided to shift the furniture to divide the room in half. The back of the bureaus formed a wall and I created a cosy cubby for my practice.
I filled in the holes in the wall, gave the room a fresh coat of white paint and VOILA…my sacred space.
I will be adding a large art piece with an image of a mandala, but other than that…it is perfect.

sacred place for yoga and meditation

sacred place

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