Cugini’s Pizza Cafe, A taste of Italy on the West Island of Montreal.

Cugini’s Pizza Cafe, A taste of Italy on the West Island of Montreal.


My culinary trip to Italy in 2014 transformed the way I look at food. I was brought up in a household where salt was rationed and the most exotic spice in the pantry was cinnamon. Food was sustenance and the quicker that one could get out of the kitchen, the better.

The Delectable Destinations’ “Storytelling Through Food Styling and Photography” culinary trip changed everything for me. When in Tuscany we explored the local markets, visited olive groves, sampled cheeses at the sheep/goat farms, discovered local vineyards and generally lived, slept and breathed FOOD!

Upon my return I was excited to visit Little Italy and prolong my Italy experience. A few months ago I discovered a little taste of Italy right here on the west island of Montreal.

I read about Cugini’s Pizza Cafe in the West Island Blog. We were warmly welcomed by owner and chef Germano Mustone. He spoke passionately about his pizza, describing the unique New York style crust. He made us feel at home and even made us complimentary tasters of London Fog (earl grey tea with steamed milk and vanilla syrup) which is one of his popular barista offerings.

We were delightfully satiated with the Beaconsfield Pizza (crispy spinach and garlic). We had to refuse dessert, but promised to return. We went back a few days later on foot for a perfect cappuccino and their trademark nodini. Germano prepared two varieties for us, the traditional honey nodini and the house special with chocolate. Both were superb. Comfort food at it’s finest.



cappuccino and donuts

On the night of my 50th birthday I wanted to celebrate with family at a special place, so we brought my dearest friend, her mom and her son with our little family to Cugini’s.

Family meal at Cugini's

Germano prepared us a beautiful complimentary antipasto plate.

Antipasto at Cugini's

I tasted their (now) famous calzone for the first time. It is a panzerotti style folded pizza that is fried, but not the least bit greasy. The crust is light with a hint of sweetness and crunch. I am smitten!

Calzone at Cugini's

Cugini’s is conveniently located at the Elm Plaza, just north of highway 20 near the overpass to Beaconsfield High School.

Cugini’s Pizza Cafe
275 Ave. Elm, Beaconsfield, Quebec, H9W 2E4
Mon-Thurs: 11:00 – 21:00
Fri-Sat: 11:00 – 22:00
Sun: 16:00 – 21:00

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