Yoga For Your Eyes Only

Yoga For Your Eyes Only

The best thing I did for my well-being in 2015 was reacquainting myself with yoga. It began with a vow in Galit Lazar’s Flourish and Bloom workshop. Once I made the vow I quickly discovered Om West in the Pointe Claire Village and have been hooked ever since.

Om West

For Yoga, Meditation and Massage on the west island of Montreal check out Om West:

Last fall I was drawn to the Eye Yoga workshop at Om West. I have worn distance glasses since I was 9 years old and feel lost without them. In the past couple years I have transitioned to progressive glasses for reading, working and distance. Panic ensued with the thought of not being able make my wire work if my eyesight deteriorated.

The Eye Yoga workshop was literally an eye opener. It made so much sense to exercise your eyes. The instructor, Pamela, also made dietary and lifestyle suggestions that would enhance the program. I have incorporated her suggestions into my daily routine.

Night time:
Soak 10 organic raisins and 1 fig in a glass of filtered water. In a separate glass soak 5 almonds.

Eat the raisins and fig (you can also drink their water). I make a smoothie with coconut water, the figs & raisins with their water, 1 teaspoon of chlorophyll and 1 teaspoon of spirulina powder. Drain the water off the almonds and eat them as is.

Morning exercises:
1. Look up/down, close eyes few seconds. Look left/right, close eyes few seconds. Look top right/bottom left, close eyes few seconds. Look top left/bottom right, close eyes few seconds. Look right-down-left, blink, down-right, blink, down-left, blink. Continue then close eyes few seconds. Look right-up-left, blink, up-right, blink, up-left, blink. Continue then close eyes few seconds.

2. Follow thumb with eyes. Clockwise with right thumb. Close eyes few seconds. Counter-clockwise with left thumb. Close eyes few seconds.

3. Far and near focus with both thumbs together. Thumbs at arms length, then bring between eyes, keep focussing on thumb. Close eyes few seconds.

4. Blinking. Continuous blinking while looking straight ahead, clockwise rotation, counter-clockwise rotation, straight ahead. Close eyes few seconds.

5. Palming. Rub hands together vigorously to create warmth. Cup hands over closed eyes 3 x 90 seconds.

6. Trakata. Thumb at eye level, arms length. Look at thumb without blinking. When eyes start ‘burning’ or you need to blink (not more than 2 minutes), close eyes and visualize thumb. Repeat 3 times.

Dietary Tips:
Include more vitamin A (carrot juice), soaked peeled almonds, raisins & figs, drink lots of water, eat lots of fresh fruits and veggies.
Avoid caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, deep fried foods, processed & junk food, pickles, chilies, white sugar.

Yoga and meditation.

For more detailed information about the exercises check out the Art of Living website:>

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