DIY Tuesday: Selfie Stands made with Love!

DIY Tuesday: Selfie Stands made with Love!

I was so touched that my friend Val was inspired by my YouTube tutorial to make phone stands for all her friends and family members as holiday gifts. She even went a step further and turned the ends into funky spirals. Check out her artistry!


With just a bit of wire from the hardware store and a pair of pliers and cutters she was able to make 30 stands in no time! She discovered the cutting edge on her pliers when making a stand for a friend at our A Course in Miracle meeting last night, so now she only needs one tool!

DIY Phone stands

Learn how to make your own selfie stand here:

Start by StARTing Tip: Consider making your own hand-made gifts. It’s amazing how easy it can be, how much satisfaction it will give you and how much the gift will be appreciated.

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