Tips for YouTube Success

Youtube success

Tips for YouTube Success

Today I am grateful for 350,000 video views on my YouTube channel.

We are going to the Buffer Festival in Toronto this weekend and I have been doing my ‘homework’ with regards to improving my YouTube channel. I have been getting a lot of great ideas from the YouTube Creator Academy. They have tons of tips with regards to branding, lighting & sound, brainstorming, scripts, storyboards, SEO, live streaming, and building your community.

Here are 10 fundamental creative strategies for YouTube success outlined in the Creator Academy:

1. Share-ability: Create videos that viewers can relate to. Videos should evoke emotions so viewers will share with their tribe. Can you summarize your video in one sentence to be shared on social media?

2. Conversation: Speak directly to your audience. Make a Q & A video.

3. Interactivity: Involve the audience. Feature their videos/photos. Ask viewers’ opinions. Create videos based on viewers’ ideas. Show your audience members that they have an influence and are important.

4. Consistency: Keep video formats consistent. Publish at specific time of day and day of the week. Keep opening sequence and tag lines consistent. Consistent tone of voice and theme. Identifiable branding.

5. Targeting: Have a clearly defined audience in mind. Know your audience. Is there an unserved audience you can target?

6. Sustainability: Block shooting to stockpile videos. Insure you can sustain a filming/editing/uploading schedule. Try green screen background for interesting backdrop in the studio.

7. Discover-ability: Consider search and related videos. Type a single letter or word in the search bar to discover the most popular search items. Trending topics VS evergreen topics. Title, Tags, Description.

8. Accessibility: Can your videos be appreciated by new viewers? Recap previous episodes if it is a series.
Reference (with annotations) previous videos to inform your viewers.

9. Collaboration: Collaborate with YouTubers that have similar audience (or not). Make collaborator proud of their role in your video (so they will share). Spin off people’s ideas and give them credit. Cross promotion: mention other (favourite) channels. Other YouTubers can send you video clips to add to your video.

10. Inspiration: When you have an enthusiasm and passion for your videos viewers with sense your genuine interest and authenticity.

Check out my recent video The 7 C’s of YouTube Success for more inspiration:


Start by StARTing tip: There are so many resources for creating a successful YouTube Channel. Research and development is FUN and is the key to success in any area of interest.

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