YouTube Inspiration at Buffer Festival in Toronto

Buffer Festival Youtube Toronto

YouTube Inspiration at Buffer Festival in Toronto

We had a great time at the Buffer Festival in Toronto last month. Buffer is an international film festival for the world’s most popular YouTube creators. Content creators preview their new projects and participate in panels which offer an abundance of inspiration for emerging creators and entrepreneurs.

Buffer Festival YouTubers Toronto

Here are some of my take-home tips for YouTube Creators from Buffer Festival:

1. PARTNER with bigger companies: Karen Kavett creates DIY videos for HGTV collaboration and links back to her channel.

2. SPONSORSHIP: choose the right fit, make it seamless, is it a product you would use? Need to disclose when you are being paid. Include CTA call to action.

3. PATREON: Patreon is a way to get paid for creating webcomics, videos, songs, etc. Fans pledge a few bucks per month OR per item creators release. Artists can make a salary by creating a community online and giving back to it.

4. CONTENT: Create something of value first then monetize and make money after. How much value can you GIVE? Love what you are doing (even love the mundane tasks). Take pride in what you are putting up. Understand that older videos are part of the process. Learn every step from concept to execution. Build your skill set.

5. BRAND: Build your brand first. Stay true to your brand.

6. YOUTUBE PLAYBOOK. Discover best practices and strategies to build your YouTube audience and channel using  YouTube Playbook. 

7. DISCIPLINE. Follow an upload schedule. Upon our return I changed my cover photo on YouTube and committed to releasing videos every Wednesday and Sunday.

8. REACH a wider audience. Closed caption for equal access for hearing impaired. Translate videos.

9. NICHE: Find your niche. Who is your core audience? Who can relate to your videos? Start small with niche and work out. Mimic others in your niche.

10. Be EMOTIONAL. Cry on channel if talking about grief. People can relate to your personal life.

12. BEHIND THE SCENES. Audience can learn more about you. Create a healthy viewer/creator relationship.

13. SOCIAL MEDIA. Interact on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc. Like, comment and share.

14. COMMUNITY. Encourage viewers to help each other and interact with each other. Viewers can get to know each other in comments and social media. Watch friends of YouTubers you follow. Like and comment on videos. Respond to comments on your videos.

15. SEO: Add link in description of your video to Subscribe to your YouTube Channel. Check analytics for viewer engagement and discover where is traffic coming from. Be interactive, comment and respond to comments.

Type in first letter to find words in search bar that you can use in your Titles, Descriptions and Tags.
Explore Google Trends to compare search terms. Check your Analytics. Select correct category when uploading your video.

16. KEYWORDS: Description should be 1500 words/characters 2-3 written paragraph descriptions, including keywords from title as close to beginning as possible.  Use multiple words and match your titles and descriptions and use this phrase as your first tag.  I helped my friend Patricia tweak her video details to include the phrase “Children’s Books Read Aloud” based on what was popular when we searched YouTube.

17. SOCIAL BLADE is a statistics website that allows you to track your statistics and measure growth across multiple social media platforms including YouTube, Twitch, and Instagram. Click Here to check out Social Blade.

18. LOCAL exposure. Partner with local business, attend local events, meet-ups, local newspaper, radio and television.

19. DAILY VLOGGER Sawyer Hartman;  “Just live your life, creation will follow. Allow yourself to live in the moment and evolve. Stop worrying about completing the task and be in the present moment.”  He suggested using “filler video” when a project is not complete such as Q&A videos. He talked about storytelling, music happiness, resilience and joy. He recommended a book “The Book of Joy”


Collaborate with other YouTubers who have similar values. Make videos with your friends and peers.                       Broaden your horizons, learn something from everyone. Interview YouTube friends. Discussion/conversational videos. Q & A’s. Collaboration needs to be organic/natural. Play someone’s music in your video and promote their work.           Suggest a collaboration to another YouTuber. Make it fun, people want to get involved when it is fun.                         Make is easy to collaborate. Outline what it can be and what you can offer them. Evolve together as YouTubers. Work with people on your own level too. Don’t think that if you connect with famous YouTubers that it will elevate you.         Make great content first. Be Yourself. Collaboration can be just on your channel, not necessarily on both channels.         Do challenges (Cinnamon Challenge is overdone). Say YES to opportunities, you never know what things can lead to.     Join creator communities 

CLICK HERE to Check out the Montreal YouTube Community


Fun For Louis YouTuber

My daughter Mimi AG with Fun For Louis at Buffer Festival in Toronto

For more inspiration about YouTube check out my video YouTube Success Tips video 



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