Dreaming Big: Montreal YouTuber on the Big Screen

YouTube Montreal screening event

Dreaming Big: Montreal YouTuber on the Big Screen

My daughter Mimi is a doll photographer and YouTuber. We are both a part of YouTube Montreal community. YouTubeMTL provides support to Montreal area content creators and hosts inspirational events throughout the year. Their mission is to unite YouTubers, connect them with other collaborators, educate and support them in the pursuit of their creative and/or entrepreneurial ventures.

Recently Mimi was featured in YouTube Montreal video screening event Au Grand Screen at Cinema du Parc. It was a great opportunity for YouTubers to showcase their unreleased videos to the public.

Here is the video she screened:

The Story of My Doll Photography

The event included at Q & A and meet & greet after the screenings. It was an exciting event and a great way to bring her work to a new level and a new audience.

Start by StARTing Tip: Join a community of like-minded creators/entrepreneurs. It is a great way to discover new ideas and opportunities. Check out Meet-Up for interest groups.

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