Mimi B Dolls Meet & Greet Vancouver

MimiBDolls Deena and Beena meet up at the American Girl Store in Indigo

Mimi B Dolls Meet & Greet Vancouver

Mimi B Dolls is a doll photographer and YouTuber from Montreal. She embarked on a Canada/USA Meet & Greet Tour and recently made a stop in Vancouver at the American Girl store in Indigo/Chapters. She had pre-arranged to meet-up with a few of her fans and to meet one of her mentors Deena and Beena.

Mimi knew she was going to purchase a new 18 inch doll for her collection and was tossing around a few ideas for which one would fit into her doll family. Her decision was made easy when Deena offered to sell one of her #55 dolls which she had purchased for an review video and was still brand new.

Mimi and Deena met up at the store and Deena signed the doll’s foot as a souvenir.

Deena and Beena


The girls had a wonderful time at the meet-up. Deena had he doll’s hair done at the salon. The girls got to know each other in person and took lots of photos and even arranged to get together for a photo shoot the next day.

Mimi B Dolls photo shoot American Girl Doll

The photo shoot happened at the Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver. Photos from her shoot can be seen on Mimi’s Instagram:

Mimi B Dolls Instagram

Check out DollSquad101’s vlog about the photo shoot here: BEHIND THE SCENES PHOTO SHOOT AT QUEEN ELIZABETH PARK

Check out Mimi’s website here: Mimi’s website for photography, art and poetry.

Mimi’s next stop will be in Washington, DC at the American Girl Store. This stop will coincide with her attendance at the YouTuber conference Playlist Live.

Mimi B Dolls Meet & Greet in Washington, DC

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