Ten Tips from Successful YouTubers via Filmora

Montreal YouTubers Him & Him

Ten Tips from Successful YouTubers via Filmora

I am a member of a dynamic and supportive community of content creators in Montreal called YouTubeMTL Fellow members Him & Him were featured on Filmora. It is a community full of resources for starting and growing your YouTube channel. I recently signed up at Filmora for their free Get Subs Guide that has tons of great tips for increasing your success on YouTube. Watch the videos of popular YouTubers giving their advice.

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Here are my Top Ten insights from the videos.

  1. Increase your views by paying attention to trends and meta-data to make your video searchable. Look at Google Trends. Use popular search terms in your annotations, tags, titles and descriptions.
  2. Your fans are your best resources. YouTuber Jesus Christ asked his fans to create a channel trailer for him using clips from his videos. I create DIY videos and always as viewers for their suggestions for new projects.
  3. Pay attention to your channel stats and analytics to see what is already working on your channel.
  4. Focus on branding. What makes you different, special and distinct. What is your visual brand/character. What value are you providing. Check your comments to see what fans are saying about you and what they like about you.
  5. Connect with other creators. YouTuber El Tiro suggests using the “hustle and heart” technique. Comment on other creators’ videos that have a similar audience to your channel. He set a goal of watching and commenting on 20 videos a day and gained a huge surge in subscribers. Be specific about what you liked about their videos (ie. even referencing a specific time in the video).
  6. Be real with your fans. Address your audience in a comfortable way. Appreciate your viewers “You guys are amazing”, “thanks for watching”, “I love you”. Let your viewers see you as a friend. Be consistent. Make the description box friendly and inviting.
  7. Always interact with your viewers. Engage with your audience. Ask for questions and do a Q & A. Do live broadcasts. Encourage tipping or support via Patreon.
  8. Pay attention to editing. Use cool effects and transitions. Add text pop-ups like “follow on social media”. Add funky sound effects to keep your viewers engaged. Use multiple camera angles and close-ups. Insert still photos.
  9. Create videos with trending topics, but with your own spin. Elle Toshea creates crafting videos and wanted to hone in on the Dollar Store DIY trend. She decided to create items inspired by the store Anthropologie with supplies from the Dollar Store to create her own unique niche.
  10. And of course do your best to improve sound, lighting and focus. Be sure to check out Samtime’s for some easy and affordable production tips. I have improved my filming with a few inexpensive products purchased on Amazon including Light boxes , Pro Light Bulbs and the Rode Video Mic to go with my Canon T3i camera.
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