YouTube Inspiration at Playlist Live

YouTube Inspiration at Playlist Live

We attended the YouTube conference Playlist Live in Washington DC this past weekend. We watched several panel discussions and met some amazing vloggers at the meet-ups. I was thrilled to meet Granny Potty Mouth and realize there is hope for YouTube success after 50!

Some of the YouTubers we met (left to right)
Ella Elbells, Loey Lane, Danielle Marie Carolan, Sarah Burgett, Bradlee Wannemacher

Here are a few of my jot notes from the panel discussions.

STAYING INSPIRED PANEL: Brittlestar, Josh Tryhane, Kevin Droniak, Merrell Twins, WolfieRaps
-writers block is when you don’t think your ideas are good.
-follow trends to build your audience, but put your own spin on them. Check out Google and Twitter trends or be the person to start the trend!
-check what is trending/popular in your own videos
-ask your viewers for ideas
-collaborate with other creators
-express yourself in Instagram stories and YouNow the spontaneity and viewer feedback may spark new ideas
-experiment with ideas, even if you don’t upload them
-sometimes ideas come together at the last minute. Give yourself a break. Don’t put pressure on yourself.
-negative comments can have value. Consider constructive criticism to make improvements in your content.
-“People love what people are passionate about” Express yourself, embrace your quirks & share your passions
-what do you LOVE doing and what do you KNOW about
-“Copy and Taste” vs “Copy and Paste” It is impossible to have purely unique ideas. Be inspired by others.
-write down your own ideas before you watch other videos
-reply to all comments. Bonus is YouTube will detect your increased engagement.

Playlist Live Washington DC

MARKETING YOURSELF PANEL: Kayleigh Kill, CourtneyRevolution, Jake Fleming, Nicole Fleming, Alivia Marie
-Instagram: brands can see who you are
-Twitter: display your personality
-livestream with product placement
-promote things you genuinely love
-don’t be afraid to ask for compensation (not just free product)
-helpful sites: Social Blue Book, Famebit
-write how you talk (when pitching to brands)
-review products you buy yourself
-offer coupon codes (in the description of your video) for affiliate deals. Make sure company will send you the money via Paypal or other payment methods

I was so impressed with the energy and enthusiasm of word wizard Courtney Revolution (below)

HOW TO MAKE MONEY OUTSIDE OF YOUR CHANEL PANEL: Tom Flynn, Daniel Fernandez, Brittlestar, RJ Tolson
-find and be true to your niche
-sell your own stuff: books, podcasts, merchandise
-create a Patreon account for followers to support you for perks such as sneak peaks at videos, photos, behind the scenes, etc.
-create a private membership site with informational or premium content like Tom Flynn
-people are more likely to buy $7 or $47 products
-merchandise: be specific to your audience (ie. coffee mugs for morning show viewers)
-know what your audience wants
-create a necessity for yourself
-add affiliate links to products you use in description of your videos using the Amazon Affiliate Program

I have since added affiliate links to one of my videos here:  Wire Art Tips and Tools
-diversify your revenue streams
-don’t rely on Adsense for income, but don’t completely discard it

Granny Potty Mouth at Playlist Live

We bumped into Peggy Granny Potty Mouth in the hotel restaurant on the day we were leaving. She graciously invited us sit with her and we had a quick discussion about YouTube. She suggested putting closed captions on our videos and tagging ASL and HOH (hard of hearing). Apparently she has a large following in this niche. Ironically the previous day we met ASL Anissa at one of the panel discussions. She does music videos signing popular songs and has grown her hobby channel to 40K subscribers.

Learn how to edit generic YouTube captions here: Closed Captions Tutorial
In contrast to Granny’s fowl language in her videos, she is actually a speech therapist. Not surprisingly she is also an actress. Apparently a small role as a bad mouthed grandma led to her starting her own YouTube channel and her success of 200K subscribers. We had a very interesting discussion and I am grateful for her tips.

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