Inspiration from The Minimalists

Inspiration from The Minimalists

My iPod is a over four years old, which is about 100 in technology years. My Instagram kept crashing and I was back and forth to the Apple store for tech support. Non of their trouble shooting worked so I called the Apple hotline and they walked me through returning the iPod to it’s factory settings.

My daughter reminded me to save all my photos, which I did, but I didn’t think to save anything else. I quickly realized that I had erased all of my past text conversations and all of my notes, including my passwords. I was especially disappointed that I lost all my comic ideas  so wrote a comic about it:

The Minimalists

I had never heard of The Minimalists before, but they are extremely popular. I discovered their documentary on Netflix and was let to their Podcast on YouTube. The timing was perfect and it made it easier to let go of all that I had saved on my iPod.

The ripple effect was I went to town on my closets. I got rid of even more clothes since the time I read Mary Kondo’s book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up

Start by StARTing TIP: Check out The Minimalists on Netflix or YouTube. There’s a lot of peace of mind to be had by reducing our possessions and living lightly.

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