Described Comics inspired by Visually Impaired Motivational Speaker Claudia Nigrelli

Blind Challenge with visually impaired motivational speaker Claudia Nigrelli

Described Comics inspired by Visually Impaired Motivational Speaker Claudia Nigrelli

Sometimes we meet people that take us to a whole new level of inspiration. I had the pleasure of hearing Claudia Nigrelli speak at a recent YouTubeMTL event. She talked about her life as a visually impaired entrepreneur. Claudia is a massage therapist, Arbonne beauty consultant and bilingual motivational speaker.

I offered to help her upload the video of her talk to YouTube. It’s amazing how one offer to help opens the doors to incredible opportunity. Coincidentally I had given a talk at the We2 Networking luncheon recently all about using YouTube for business. I had been researching how to be successful on YouTube and was ready to implement my knowledge with Claudia’s channel. With Claudia’s help (she figured out how to save and send audio files) I edited and uploaded several videos, created a banner and made SEO rich (search engine optimization) titles, descriptions, tags and About section.

Last week we met again at the launch of Lounge 4284. Claudia and I did a blind challenge filmed by Nix Labs (video coming soon to YouTube). This inspired me to create a comic about the experience. Comic writing has been a passion of mine for the last two years. I share stories about my daily life and happenings at Heather Boyd Comics on Instagram 








Here is the comic I created about Claudia and our challenge:

Blind Challenge video with visually impaired Claudia Nigrelli








For Claudia I described how the comic looks and reads:

First panel has a photo of me talking
and says: “Claudia is a visually impaired
motivational speaker. I’m helping
her with her YouTube channel.”

Second panel has a photo of us making wire art
and says: “We did a collab video at the YouTubeMTL event. We made wire art and I
wore a blindfold.”

Third panel has a photo of your wire creations and says: “I
mentioned her work looked
like children’s art. I totally
meant it as a compliment.”

Fourth panel has a photo of me talking and a thought
bubble with a poop emoji inside and says: “On Facebook I asked how emojis
translate on her end. She had
received my ‘winking face’ but said
her fav is the ‘smiling pile of poop’”


This process has literally opened my eyes to a whole knew world. Claudia appreciated the translation which motivated me to research comics for visually impaired people. I found a couple super interesting articles on the topic:

On Making Comic Books for the Blind

Comics for Blind using ALT Text

I love writing, so this may be the start of something wonderful! Thank you Claudia for your incredible inspiration, lovely sense of humour and kind heart. Keep shining your light on the world.

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