Key to Happiness: Laugh at Yourself

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Key to Happiness: Laugh at Yourself

I had created a few 4 panel photo comics for family before attending the Rejuvenate and Lighten Up Retreat in Costa Rica. At the retreat I had a mentoring session with Bhaskar Goswami, Montreal meditation guru and philosopher extraordinaire. Instead of sharing tips, we sat in a hammock and I told him about my comics. He was fascinated and it inspired me to write a couple about him.

meme Heather Boyd Comics

Upon my return I consistently uploaded my comics to Instagram at Heather Boyd Comics. I even created a YouTube video showing how to make the comics on your iPhone. In the Spring of 2017 I saw a comment on the YouTube video “Keep doing what you’re doing, people over at Comedy Cemetery love you! If you could do a Q&A over there you’d be really legendary”

How to Make 4-Panel Meme Comics

Turns out Comedy Cemetery is a subreddit on Reddit where comedy goes to die! I found a bunch of my comics that had been shared in the group and killed myself laughing at the ‘hater’ comments. There are some very clever and hilarious trolls on the internet! Check out my AMA on Reddit (Ask Me Anything)

The iconic comic that has been shared widely on Reddit and Facebook was one created with my daughter Mimi after a miscommunication about coffee.

Since the AMA I have become internet friends with many of the former trolls and have connected with so many interesting people. I have even done a lot of custom comics for people that have requested them for themselves and friends and family!

I collected all the troll comments and recently commissioned someone on Fiverr to make this video: Puppet Raps Heather Boyd Comics Mean Comments

It’s been quite an incredible ride and proof that if you confront adversity with love amazing things can happen.

Check out my comics here: Heather Boyd Comics

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