The Power of Letting Go

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The Power of Letting Go

My daughter’s recent rise to local fame via features in the press has got me reflecting on the power of letting go.

She is currently focused on sharing her photography on Instagram. For 10 years she had a YouTube channel where she would make videos about her dolls. She also wrote music and played guitar and had another channel sharing her music and videos.

She deleted her music channel and wanted to delete her doll channel, but I encouraged her to keep it because she had 100K views. I told her she could do simpler videos less frequently or just to keep it on standby. After much anguish she finally pulled the plug a few months ago.

Since that time she has felt an immense sense of relief and has focussed her attention on her Instagram. She has also become very active with the Lakeshore Camera Club, is on the executive team and runs their Instagram account.

Yesterday she created a media kit summarizing her accomplishments with her unique doll photography. She is now focussed on Instagram and inspiring others to follow their passions. Check out her work at and on her website

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