The Power of Letting Go (cont’d)

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The Power of Letting Go (cont’d)

My last post was about my daughter letting go of her successful YouTube channel to focus on sharing her unique brand of photography on Instagram.

It is always difficult making big decisions about what to keep and to let go of what no longer serves you. I experienced this when I held on to my affiliation with for several years. I was one of the first 100 teachers on this on-line platform and had many lessons and courses on their website. I even travelled to San Francisco to visit their head offices. Unfortunately as the years went by my revenue decreased because they changed the site to a membership site.   I finally decided to remove my courses and focus on YouTube.

Since letting go of Curious my views on YouTube have skyrocketed to 1.5 million and I have 13K subscribers. I am able to focus on one platform and have developed a schedule where I post one video on Saturday morning and do a livestream every Wednesday night. I started the livestream almost a year ago and this week will celebrate my 47th episode of Wire Lady TV. Check out my channel here:

Another platform I struggled with was Patreon. This is an website where artist are supported by patrons that pledge a certain amount per month for perks such as early access to videos, giveaways, etc. I had a Patreon account for a couple years and had a handful of patrons. I did a lot of research and experimentation with the platform but finally realized that I didn’t have an active enough fanbase to make it work. Also the pressure to post weekly was too great and I always felt that I wasn’t giving enough to my patrons.

Since letting go of Patreon I have focused on sharing value in my private Facebook group the Wire Art & Jewelry Makers club. We are now at almost 500 members in the community. I am inspired daily by the creations of others in the group. Also my viewers share pictures of their work based on my YouTube tutorials. I just finished created my 4th slideshow based on their creations:

Look out for another post about the Power of Community, which is a whole other topic and truly one of the keys to success!

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