Embracing Your Childhood Passions

Embracing Your Childhood Passions

My daughter Mimi B Dolls’ recent success has got us talking about the importance of embracing your passions. We often hear that to discover your true passions you should look back at what you enjoyed doing as a child.

Growing up I was constantly making arts and crafts. My birthday gifts were mostly DIY (do-it-yourself) craft kits, paint-by-numbers and art supplies. Go figure that today I am a self-employed artist that creates DIY videos on YouTube!

My daughter Mimi always had a passion for dolls and stuffed toys. She was very empathetic to inanimate objects. One day she picked up two sticks and remarked that the big one was the mommy and the little one was the baby! When she was about 3 we used to walk down to the local garage and she always gravitated to an old wreck that she called the Bobo Car. Here’s a pick of her proudly standing beside the car.

She had a large collection of dolls and stuffed animals accumulated from bazaars, dollar stores and gifts. From a very young age she would pose them and I would take photos of her. Eventually she started taking photos with her own point and shoot camera. The rest is history that you can hear about in her interview with Nathalie Mailhot:

Mimi at home with her dolls

Above is Mimi’s favourite childhood doll Didi that she skillfully balanced and posed for a photo.

Below are pics she took on her Canon point and shoot at age 15.

Check out Mimi B Dolls on Instagram for her current work: http://instagram.com/mimibdolls

What did you do as a child that is reflected in your current profession or hobby?

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  • Azenith Kroes
    Posted at 13:02h, 17 August Reply

    Way to go, Myriam! I admire how you support each other’s dreams and passions. Best mother-daughter duo! Glad I perused your blog.

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