Happy 85th BD to my Dad

Happy 85th BD to my Dad

We just went to Ottawa for my dad’s 85th birthday. I am so grateful for my family and always love an excuse to go visit them.

My dad is a conservative guy and is a retired civil engineer. Although he may not relate to my artist lifestyle he has always admired the success I’ve been able to attain with regards to selling my work on-line, YouTube videos and social media success. He even likes my quirky comics on Instagram and inspired one of my first ones.

Comic featuring my dad on Instagram @HeatherBoydComics

I never know what to get my dad for his birthday. I had purchased a mini table top pool table for him on sale a few months ago and tucked it away in my gift drawer. I also wanted to make him something special and remembered I had saved a piece of fabric last summer to make him a craft.

The fabric was a square brown upholstery antimacassar from the couch he had in his house growing up. Last summer I had a vision to made him a Kleenex box cover with the fabric. The pull-out sofa he was conceived on has been a fixture at our family cottage for 40 years. It fell apart a couple years ago and my mom gave me the antimacassar.

On a side note, my grandparents were both journalists and used to entertain politicians at their house. My grandfather was friends with John Diefenbaker from their days living in Winnipeg. My dad’s family moved to Ottawa when he was 9. Apparently my dad came home one day to find Diefenbaker (who later became Prime Minister of Canada) sitting on the iconic brown couch.

family time with diy birthday gift for my dad
My dad with his Kleenex box couch!

My dad LOVED the mini couch. It inspired much conversation and cherished memories. Also, because the fabric swatch was so small I had to improvise and adapted the pattern to use every last bit. The design turned out even better than the original Kleenex box cover I made years ago. It was easier to make this one because the back cushion was a simple tube rather than a fitted cushion.

The project rekindled my love of sewing crafts and the same day I made a couple of personalized stuffed dolls for my nieces with their photos on them. We had a wonderful celebration and the handmade gifts were appreciated by all!

Lily with her stuffed Lily doll.
The family enjoying gluten-free dairy-free raisin fudge cake and cheez cake!
New comic inspired by the iconic couch.
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