Your Invisible Power

Your Invisible Power

Your Invisible Power

I recently reconnected with photographer and celebrity entrepreneur Pazit Perez. I met her years ago when she collaborated with an artist friend Denise Buisman Pilger. She is a Vision Portrait Photographer and manifested her current life of a Conscious Creatorpreneur living in Miami.

Her compact book The Little Golden $ecret$ To Get Anything You F***in’ Want contains six golden secrets to manifesting your reality.

In her Facebook group I HAVE A DREAM (BIG GOAL$) HIGH $0CIETY CLUB she hosts a weekly show Lifestyles of the Jetsetters and Celebrity Entrepreneurs with entrepreneur guests and also hosts

Millionaire Mentors 7AM Sunday Mastermind Club with Carolyn Flower, Publisher/Author/Success Coach and Founder of Pathways to Publishing Academy © for Author Development.

Pazit has some amazing tips about envisioning your life and creating your own reality. I have been a fan of the Law of Attraction for years since watching The Secret and have lived my life in this vein for as long as I can remember. I am always amazed, but not surprised, by the miracles and “coincidences” that happen in my life.

Pazit also does weekly Manifest Monday motivation capsules in her Facebook Group. Recently she recommended a classic book, Your Invisible Power by Genevieve Behrend. It is one of the earliest (published in 1921) and most inspirational books of ‘New Age Thought.’ The book illustrates how to can use the power of visualization to manifest your reality and attract what you want.

Listen to the audio book here:

Read the PDF here: Your Invisible Power

“We all possess more power and greater possibilites than we realize, and visualizing is one of the greatest of these powers. Ask, believing you have already received, and you shall receive.” ~Genevieve Behrend

Here are my jot notes from the book: 

“Joy germ” repeat word…habitual thoughts

As a man think it so he is.

Keep thoughts on your goal/idea

Ideas will attract other ideas until desires are facts

I can, I will

Your thoughts are powerful

Positive thoughts and enthusiasm

Open the floodgates of your soul

Your thought of a thing is its origin

If you plant an acorn you will grow an oak tree

Sow the seeds: I AM, I CAN, I DO

All things are possible

Believe in yourself


Contentment of mind, body, soul

If you want health, watch your thoughts

All power is yours

Blame circumstances less

Increase JOY and enthusiasm


  1. One minute of conscious thought
  2. Steady recognition 2 x 15 minutes per day mental image
  3. 5 minutes per day 12-1 pm mental brainstorm new sources of wealth

While listening to the audiobook I had a flashback to one of the many manifesting experiences I’ve had. Years ago I was at the cottage with my daughter Mimi waiting for friends to arrive. I had just read the biography The Lonely Doll about Dare Wright who was a quirky photographer that took photos of her dolls and created children’s books with the images. I was fascinated by her strange life and was anxious to find one of her children’s books. We had a few hours to kill so we drove to a nearby small town. We came across a second hand book store and I hopefully started searching for The Lonely Doll. I had an image of the book in my mind and was determined I would find it. Low and behold I found a soft cover copy of a Scholastic publication of the book mixed in with the children’s books. (another shout out to my past, ordering Scholastic books in elementary school). Needless to say I was excited but not surprised to find the book.

The irony is now my daughter Mimi B Dolls is a doll photographer. Perhaps one of the tiny seeds was planted that day.


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