Anticafé in Old Montreal: Home Office Away from Home

Anticafé in Old Montreal: Home Office Away from Home

Imagine working at your leisure while enjoying unlimited cappuccino, tea and snacks. You nestle into a comfy chair surrounded by brick walls, high ceilings and eclectic decor. Mellow music plays in the background and you are surrounded by creative and entrepreneurial beings. Welcome to the Anticafé in Old Montreal, your home office away from home!

Have you ever heard of this type of unique co-working space? A few of these cafés have popped up around the city in the last couple years. As people are embracing the  laptop lifestyle, folks are swarming to these co-working spaces.

The concept is simple. Nothing is for sale in the café. You pay per hour and have access to WIFI, workspace and unlimited beverages and snacks.

When I heard of the Anticafé I was sceptical. I thought it would be a hole-in-the-wall with crappy drip coffee and crumbly cookies. I was pleasantly surprised when we happened upon this location on Notre Dame when wandering in the Old Port.

The space is bright and the atmosphere relaxed. You have a choice of communal long tables, sofas, tables for two or four and even a loft space overlooking the open kitchen area. In the basement there is a large flat screen for film viewings. If you are not there to work, you can sit and read or chat or choose from a huge selection of board games available.

The Anticafé hosts a plethora of cultural events and meet-ups. I am a regular attendee Tuesdays at Antimodéle Life Drawing & Live music. From 7–9:30 pm artists can draw from a nude model in the private basement room.  You can sit on comfy couches, dining room chairs or stand with an easel.  The fireplace creates a warm atmosphere and the live music varies each week from keyboard to cello to violin. For $15 supplies are included PLUS you get unlimited cappuccinos and snacks from the café. Be sure to reserve your spot as this event fills up: Antimodèle on Air BNB

and like them on Facebook for updates on Life Drawing, Clay workshops and drawing classes: Antimodèle on Facebook

Anticafe Montreal Life DrawingIn any case, the Anticafé in Old Montreal has something for everyone. Pop in for an hour or stay for the day. More information on their Facebook page:

Anticafé on Facebook

Location: 406 Notre Dame Est, Montreal

Hours: Monday-Friday 9am to 10pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am to 11pm

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