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Visualize Your Success

I am obsessing recently on the online content of visualization success coach Pazit Perez. Her weekly Moneyfest Mondays Livestream on her  I HAVE A DREAM (BIG GOAL$) HIGH $0CIETY CLUB Facebook Group is my weekly motivational kick in the pants. It’s one of the few things I set my reminder to so I can listen live!

This week she mention she rewatched the Law of Attraction documentary The Secret. One of the main principles of the Law of Attraction is GRATITUDE. She spoke of the importance of being grateful for the things that are yet to come. She said in order to feel GOOD you must let go of the negative and feel GRATITUDE for what you have and what you want to manifest.

“The feeling is the fuel”

She gave 3 steps to achieve this goal:

  1. Say to yourself “I am so happy and grateful now that I have achieved <my goal>
  2. Complete each statement with <how you envision your goal to be>
  3. Create a coherent/definite statement of your goal <exactly what you wish to attain>

Pazit always speaks of envisioning your goal in detail. Of creating an image in your mind. She spoke of Van Gogh who used to envision his paintings before he put paint to canvas.

I was telling my daughter Mimi about today’s livestream and she immediately thought of one of her photoshoots in which she had used this idea. She had a vision of creating a scene with two dolls and a miniature snowman. She created a mock up on the PicsArt app. She took a photo of a previous winter shoot with one doll and added a cut-out image of the other doll and a sticker of a snowman to recreate her vision. Creating the prototype built up her excitement and solidified her vision. The process evoked positive feelings so when she went out to do the actual shoot she was very clear and focused on her vision. The finished product looked almost EXACTLY like the mock-up. Check out MimiBDolls Website and MimiBDolls on Instagram

Mimi B Dolls photography







It got me thinking that I do the same thing with my drawing. When I do life drawing from the model I always pause before start and envision the drawing on the paper. I actually didn’t realize I was doing this until we had this discussion today.

Pazit talks about being playful with the process. Create a vision for what you want. It doesn’t need to be a full-on vision board. Think of ONE thing that you want. Make an affirmation statement in which you feel grateful for already have attained your goal. Create a mock-up of your bank statement with the amount you wish to have in your account (Pazit’s idea…I did this using the Pic Collage app. Pick up a magazine and make a collage of yourself wearing the clothes you want to own, with the accessories you want to sport, in an environment you want to live.

Pazit also talks about frequenting places you aspire to go to, even if it’s beyond your budget. Hang out in the lobby of a fancy hotel. Grab a coffee at a high end coffee shop. Visit a condo or house that is your dream home. The sky is the limit!

Let me know in the comments if you have any creative manifesting ideas and HAVE FUN!



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