Collaborating with Brands

Collaboration and Sponsored video

Collaborating with Brands

I have been wanted to collaborate with a brand for a few years now. As an artists that creates DIY (do-it-yourself) videos for YouTube I thought it would be great to have a company send me supplies and even pay me to create content featuring their products.

I approached a few companies on my own including Beadalon the company that makes Artistic copper wire. I thought it would be a perfect match, but I wasn’t able to convince them (yet).

Patience pays though because when I least expected it I got an email from the Beaducation company inquiring about a collaboration. Often I delete random emails from companies that find me on YouTube because they are usually MCN’s (Multi-Channel Networks) YouTuber management companies that just want a cut of your profits!

Beaducation proposed sending me their metal stamping starter kit, my choice of stamps and paying me $100 to create a video. I gladly accepted since I’ve been wanting to try metal stamping for years and it was a perfect compliment to my wire jewelry.

Dream Catcher Pendant Tutorial

I ended up doing more videos than required, including a couple livestreams, because I LOVED the products. The company ended up paying me more than we had agreed on. It was a win win situation!

The experience has given me the confidence to approach other companies and to think OUTSIDE THE BOX. I would never have thought about approaching this company but it ended up being a perfect fit.

Collaborations have always given me so much inspiration and this one was also profitable! What are some ways YOU can collaborate or connect with a brand? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below your experiences with brand deals or collaborations.

As always, have an inspired week.Â đŸ˜€Â Heather

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