Guest Blog Emily Lamoureux: How We Got Our Dream Home by Emily Lamoureux

Guest Blog Emily Lamoureux: How We Got Our Dream Home by Emily Lamoureux

Guest blog  by my niece Emily Lamoureux. She is a yoga teacher, writer and artist, wife to Bradley and mom to Lily (age 1) and Jane (age 4). Here is the story of how they found their new home:

Friday, April 19, 2019: Letter to Jane and Lily

Here’s the story of how we found our DREAM HOME! Since we moved back to Ottawa from BC the plan was always to get to know the small towns around Ottawa and move to one that we could raise our kids in. Back and forth for the past 6 years we’ve dreamed about this and talked about it extensively. Well, our time really started ticking in late fall of 2018, as we realized Jane would be going to school and we needed to make the move before that happened.

All winter we were looking at houses, exploring different towns and getting nowhere. We even had to fire a really terrible real estate agent. But this turned out for the better because we hired an absolutely amazing real estate agent Raymond Chin. He also lead us to getting our financing approved and hugely supporting us into turning our current house into a rental.

The last few houses that we saw were particularly heart breaking for us. We would fall in love with the home, but turned out there was something majorly wrong that we could never change. Ex: One house was absolutely gorgeous and perfect, but we could have not owned our laneway and it backed onto an oil-spray rust proofing car garage…yuck!

Needless to say, we were feeling extremely defeated at the end of all of this.

In desperation I grabbed a book that Auntie Heather got me The Courage to Be Creative by Doreen Virtue. I opened it to a random page and started reading it out loud to Brad. It was all about the power of visualization. She was telling a story about her family growing up. Their car died and her dad made them all visualize a certain car, he even made a model car of the exact one he wanted and put it over the TV so everyone would see it often. Shortly after they ended up with that exact car!

Doreen Virtue. The courage to be creativeThis really spoke to us and gave us hope. We decided right then and there that visualization was our new tool. We read this on Tuesday. On Wednesday Dad walked to work through a neighbourhood and visualized all of the things that he loved about the homes he was seeing. Owl Park, the neighbourhood he walked through, has a lot of gorgeous homes. He brought this visualizing into his day and went into detail about every little thing about this house and us living there.

At home, I put a beautiful home figurine in the middle of our table. Jane, Lily and I went to Nanny and Papa’s in the morning. Once we came home I put Lily down for her nap. While Jane watched a show I set up the hammock outside and started drawing a detailed picture of what I’d wanted my dream home to be.

After I was done drawing I felt like I had seen the house before, even though I hadn’t. I knew I needed to check the online real estate listings.


dream home law of attracton

Drawing of our dream home







I looked through a lot of different listings in a lot of different towns but none of them came even close. I saved Arnprior as the last town to check any new listings because I had checked just a few days before and there was nothing. Well low and behold, 250 Albert St. popped up! I was in awe! I sent the listing to Dad right away, and he was very impressed and excited.

Dad contacted Ray with the listing in order to set up a viewing ASAP. Ray and Dad reorganized their whole schedules for the following day in order for us to go see this beautiful home.

That night it was so hard to sleep. We had such a good feeling about it. Dad even said the numbers add up to great meanings through numerology.

The next morning off we drove to Arnprior. We got there about 40 minutes early and ended up chatting with the owners outside their house. They were such a sweet couple. They were only moving because they’re older and can’t do the stairs anymore and wanted an attached garage. They were just moving across the bridge and told us lots of great things about the neighbourhood, Arnprior and the house.

Real estate listing for our dream home








After they left we parked and got out of the car, just planning on walking around the neighbourhood until our appointment time. Well, Lily grabbed both my hands and walked/pulled me back up toward the house. On the way up the driveway, right to the entrance. Lily was only one when this happened.

We took this as an opportunity to hang out in the backyard for a while before Ray got there. We were already in love! The sound of the river was amazing.

Once Ray got there we explored the inside of the house and loved absolutely everything about it. We just <got it> that this was the one. So we put an offer on it. We were nervous that we might have to get into a bidding war because there were two more viewings that day and it had only been on the market for 3 days. It was a hidden gem at $309,900 and we were absolutely in love. I wanted somehow to sabotage the next viewing, so I took a huge dump in the toilet upstairs and didn’t turn the fan on, in hopes that the next person would smell it!

Thursday was so long and stressful because we had to wait all day long until 9pm to hear if our offer would be accepted. We visualized all day that the house was ours, at the asking price! It was hard to stay positive sometimes, but we did and it paid off huge.

Ray called and said there would be no bidding war. They accepted our offer!!! YAY!!!

Now we just have to deal with all the conditions and legalities and the deal will officially be sealed next Friday (a week from now). The closing date is May 28. And we’re hoping to have this place (122 Royalton) rented out for June 1st.

What a crazy day! All on Grandpa Larry’s birthday. We could not be happier. It’s still hard for us to believe that the search is over and we have our dream home! We’re going to have such an amazing summer and such an amazing life!

So Much Love, Mom & Dad xo


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  • Azenith Kroes
    Posted at 12:55h, 17 August Reply

    Amazing story! Damn, I gotta get on visualizing my dream home now 😉

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