Stories of Starting Ep. 22: Meet the Parents!

Stories of Starting Ep. 22: Meet the Parents!

This week I welcome my parents onto the Stories of Starting Podcast. My mom Anne is a retired music teacher who taught cello and piano for many years. She trained as a nurse at Kingston General Hospital and went back to school in her 50’s to get her Music degree from Carleton University.

My dad is a retired engineer. He worked clearing trails on the ski slopes near Ottawa in his youth and skied into his 80’s. He took up violin in his 40’s to accompany my mom. They played in amateur orchestras for many years as well as in string quartets with friend.

I am so grateful to my parents for their ongoing support of my Art and encouraging me since my days making $3 a day selling jewelry on the streets of Montreal.

My mom’s love of arts and crafts was instilled in my from a young age and my dad’s sense of adventure is reflected in my urban adventures! Both are giving and accepting of others and have influenced my passion for connecting and collaborating with others.  I truly believe when one of us succeeds we all succeed. This collaborative mentality was surely planted in my brain from an early age.


Watch the podcast on YouTube:

My parents’ wedding in Ottawa

My parents’ 60th wedding anniversary celebrated at our cottage

My mom in the middle with her dad and her sister

My dad as a teen on his motorcycle

My dad was featured in a Scouts ad when he was a kid

Photo of my dad from the archives!

My parents’ 60th wedding anniversary

My parents with their instruments at the cottage

My mom in the old house with her cello

Our old house across from McKellar Park in Ottawa

My sister Patti with my mom at the theatre

Photo from an old Christmas card

Christmas card from the 70’s

My dad built this treehouse in our back yard 

Mini Couch made with scraps from my Dad’s childhood couch that Deifenbaker sat on.

Comic inspired by the Diefenbaker couch



My pre-school paintings that my mom saved and I had laminated  

My dad inspired one of my first comics

My parents have such a great sense of humour!














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