Self-isolation Project: DIY Kitchen Reno

Self-isolation Project: DIY Kitchen Reno

We probably would have never got around to fixing up our kitchen if it hadn’t been for the recent call for social distancing. We had already got quotes from Home Depot for cabinets and contractors to get the job done. The quote for the entire re-do reno was $15K for cabinets, flooring and accessories and another $10K for the contractor to get the job done. $25K in renos was way more than I had anticipated.

I did my research and ended up ordering counter paint, cabinet paint and handles on Amazon. I also ordered floor tiles, but they ended up looking really cheap and the colour was too dark so I lugged them to the post office for a return.

I only realized after 3 weeks of isolation that the hardware stores were actually open so I waited in line at Home Depot a couple time to get the rest of the items we needed including an LED overhead light fixture, floor tiles, screws, cup hooks, light switch covers and silicone sealant.

Over the course of one week Mimi and I painted cabinets, walls and counters  then Marc and I pulled up the vinyl flooring and laid down the floor tiles. I would have never thought it was possible for us to get the whole kitchen done. We even did a DIY kitchen wall art canvas with materials on hand. The art piece was inspired by Mr. Kate…a home decor YouTuber that inspired us a lot in this project.

Countertop paint from Amazon

Cabinet handles from Amazon

Cabinet paint from Amazon

12 inch vinyl floor tile from Home Depot

Wall paint from Home Depot

Wall repair patch kit from Home Depot


Transparent sealant from Home Depot

are some pics  of before, after and during. The final tally:

DIY Kitchen Reno: 

handles: $27.87

cabinet paint: $126.59

countertop paint: $114.94

wall paint, hole filler, LED overhead light: $200.35

floor tiles, screws, hooks, light switch cover: $195.69

Total for the kitchen only: $665.44

I had consulted with professional interior designer Marcia Perrotte of Designs MCP with regards to adding a nook in the kitchen. Our kitchen is small and has 3 doorways so she gave me the great alternative idea of making a breakfast nook in our dining room. I work at the dining room table so loved this idea. Before the kitchen update I created a nook DIY style thanks to her inspiration.

Breakfast Nook:

Interior design consultation: $200 

Ikea benches wth storage drawer $170 

Canadian Tire TV table $30

Breakfast Nook Total: $400


Our kitchen was yellow before!














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