wanda profile pic 2 black and whiteMy name is Heather Boyd and I have been an entrepreneur for 25 years. My journey began in 1989 when I quit my job as the artistic director in a corporate neckwear company in Toronto for greener pastures in Montreal. Despite not speaking a word of French I managed to procure a vending permit to sell my hand-made buttons on the streets of Montreal. My first summer was quite a struggle. At the end of the summer I met a fellow (French) artisan that was making wire bicycles, we fell head over heels, and the rest is history.

We now sell our wire jewellery and wedding cake toppers on my website: http://heatherboydwire.com.

I am a proud member of a Montreal women’s business network called the Women’s Entrepreneurial Exchange (We2): http://networkingmontreal.com . I go to multitudes of conferences and workshops and am constantly learning, I have acquired so much knowledge about business, social media and entrepreneurship that I am inspired to share these ideas others.

In the last few years I have embraced a healthier lifestyle that includes sobriety, healthy eating, yoga and meditation. I Spirit Junkie badgebelieve a healthy body feeds a healthy mind. I love to inspire others to live a healthy, inspired life. I recently the Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level One Training with Gabrielle Bernstein. My goal is to motivate others to follow their passions and share their light with the world.

I have always been fascinated by other people’s fascinations. My biggest thrill come from helping others to succeed and give them courage to follow their dreams. I love sharing others’ artistry and wisdom with the world. You can find me at live music events, poetry readings, art galleries, wandering downtown, cycling in suburbia and travelling the world.