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Stories of Starting

Stories of Starting blog posts are inspirational, true stories written by people of all backgrounds who have had motivational, eye-opening or transformational experiences. These personal stories can range from low-key or life-changing.

Stories are currently shared on the Start by Starting website which is a motivational blog for artists, entrepreneurs and creatives. Please note that anyone can submit and posts can be written about a wide range of subjects.

Sometimes we limit ourselves due to our past thoughts and experiences. We make life so complicated and get caught up in details and “the struggle”. Other times we take the plunge, think outside the box and try something new to BEAUTIFUL results. Articles can be simple stories that inspire and motivate others to try something new, take a risk and follow their dreams, passions and curiosity.

Submission Guidelines

1. Tell an inspiring story about starting something new, thinking outside the box or changing your direction.

2. Your story should be written in the first person and include others by name only with their permission.

3. Tell your story in a way that will inspire others to try something new or follow their passion.

4. Try to start your article with an impactful statement to draw the reader in and/or create a click-worthy title.

5. Don’t be afraid to speak from the heart, share your hopes and fears and express emotion.

6. Keep it simple. Don’t worry about using elaborate language and tight grammar. Please let me know if you would like feedback on editing.

6. Blog posts should be 500 to 1200 words give or take.

7. Your submission must be true. No fiction or creative writing.

Please avoid:

  1. Political, religious or controversial topics.
  2. Self-promotion for your work/business.
  3. Stories about people other than yourself (get permission if you mention others in your article.)


  1. Please submit your articles via email to:
  2. Attach any relevant photos or images that can be posted with your article. Make sure images are your own or copyright free.
  3. Please submit only stories that have not been previously published in mainstream publications. You may share articles that have been written on your personal website, blog or social media platforms.
  4. Please share your contact information including URL links to your website and preferred social media platform. Links will be added at the end of your article.
  5. Please include a short bio 20-30 words to be included at the end of the blog post.


By submitting to Stories of Starting you retain ownership of your story but give Start by Starting the rights to publish it.


Heather Boyd